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Smith Family Wines


We grow Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah and other Burgundian and Rhone-style varietals on more than 3,200 acres of vineyards in Monterey County. Our home estate vineyard is located in the prestigious Santa Lucia Highlands (SLH) Appellation. We’ve been growing grapes here since 1973.

Row of grape vines in vineyard.

Our President and CEO is Jason Smith. His father, Rich Smith, was one of the visionary leaders in Monterey County viticulture who proposed and succeeded in establishing the SLH as an approved American Viticultural Area in 1991. With over 800 acres planted here, we’re the largest grower in the SLH.

View of roling vineyard hills.

We’re growing fifteen different clones on our 350-acre SLH home estate vineyard: seven Pinot Noir, five Chardonnay and three Syrah.

The SLH is known for its long growing season and fertile soil, as well as a cool, foggy climate, influenced by its mountain elevation and proximity to the Monterey Bay. These unique characteristics encourage complex flavor development in the fruit.

Throughout Monterey County the terroir—climate, topography and soil—creates some of the best conditions in the world for growing wine grapes. The longer growing season and slow, gentle ripening produce smaller berries with concentrated flavors.

Dustin Rubbo, Daryl Salm and Scott Strom standing in the vineyard.Dustin Rubbo, Daryl Salm, Scott Storm in the vineyard.

Our vineyardists, the farming team who works our land, vines and grapes, are the boots on the ground artisans who understand and cultivate the best from each year’s crop. Each season, Mother Nature presents special challenges. Through their decades of experience and expertise with Monterey County and SLH growing conditions, our vineyard team delivers the best fruit from each harvest to our winemakers.