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Smith Family Wines


Logo for Sustainability in Practice.

Operating a family-owned business naturally puts sustainability as a top priority. We are always asking, “What’s the best decision today to make tomorrow more successful for our family, employees, community and environment?”

Our vineyards, land and natural resources are important, but nothing is possible without our team of dedicated, hard-working people. Some of our folks have been with us for more than 30 years, and while not everyone has the last name Smith, to us, everyone who works here is a part of our family.

Hummingbird at Smith Family Wines. Two men working in the vineyard.

Success has always meant doing things the way that’s best in the long-term. We have always operated our business under the same principles of the SIP Certified (Sustainability in Practice) program, and our 350-acre home estate vineyard became SIP Certified in 2008. Our focus for the past four decades on soil health, water and air quality, energy conservation, social and economic responsibility, and many more aspects important to SIP, made becoming SIP Certified a logical and rewarding accomplishment.

Our solar farm, installed on our home estate vineyard in 2013 is another achievement we’re excited to share. By producing our own power and distributing excess capacity, we are making a smart economic investment for our business, and providing a clean, renewable energy supply for our planet.

We believe in generously supporting our people and community, and we enjoy sharing our time, talents, knowledge and prosperity.